Howdy, all, this photoblog is essentially all photos taken with an iPhone 3g or 4s and modified on the same iPhone – or sometimes my iPad if I want a larger screen. There are a few photos taken on the iMac – I think the one of me on the side may be an iMac photo – because I find it a bit difficult to the do iPhone photo of face thing.  However, the ones of Dawgpaws and me are iPhone fer sure.

Look! It’s Autumn Foghamar! No, it’s Endora from Bewitched! No, really, it’s me! Autumn! Okay, so I guess I ended up looking like Endora in my old age… 🙂  Does that make me Autumn Endora Foghamar?

I have expanded the apps I use.  Sometimes I focus on one in particular because I’m teaching myself how to use it by using it. I use Snapseed, BeFunky, Instaframe, Mobile Monet, PhotoStudio, and Camera+. I got sick of FilterMania2 and deleted it. I “sign” my work (usually) with iWatermark or with Camera+. If I use something new I’ll mention it in the comments. I average a photo a day, sometimes more. Now and then I miss a day.  Often apps come and go without notice.

A friend of mine is pushing me to write a short ebook on how I do what I do and publish it via kindle.  I might do that.  I’m looking into it and it appears the formatting for books with photos is a bit daunting.  It would be easier for me to write a parody like “Into Africa” (instead of “Out of Africa”).  However, I do get questions about how I do what I do.  It would keep me honest by making me track the steps I take from shot to finished product.

Not being a world traveler I don’t have photos of exotic locations like yurts in Mongolia, the Eiffel  tower or other sites of interest, but I take a mean photo of kids flying kites or looking down the barrel of a cannon and then giving it a drink, people asleep on the subway, odd little shops in New England, and lots of trees, shrubs, and flowers, signs welcoming soldiers home and sometimes our goofy dog. You’ll see items that attract my attention in my daily travels and I hope they are of interest. Life is full of little things that make good captures if you just look around.

To paraphrase an old saw, I take photos, therefore, I am.

A few friends asked me if Foghamar is my last name, to which the answer is — no, it is part of a transliterated Irish Gaelic word.  Mean Foghamar

(pronounced Moon Fower – like flower with the ‘l’ dropped), also known as Alban Elued, is a term meaning the last day of summer or harvest home or autumn.  I started using Foghamar as a surname name because most people think it looks like there is a mean fog hammer coming your way.  🙂  For a time I used the name of Autumn with the last name of Mean Foghamar (Autumn/Autumn). About that time I started up with art and photographic art and just used Foghamar.  Now it’s my photographic/artistic moniker.  Now, aren’t you glad you know all that?  Or maybe someday I’ll go to court and make it legal.  Wouldn’t that be a trip?

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    • Glad you like the pics. They are just what I find in my average little life here in New England. Snapseed is my all-time favorite. I’ve played with other apps, but it is – to my wicked little mind, the best. I also fiddle a little with the new mod programs on photobucket.com and as a part of the snap bucket app. I have gotten to the point I usually use fotoflexer for the framing and signing process. So far I am not happy with apps for watermarking. Enjoy! 🙂 I love the ability to use the phone as my primary camera.

  1. ArtQuenchGallery.com likes your images! We invite you to submit your work to the gallery. We like the originality of your work. It is what we look for in our represented artists. Go to our home page and click (Artists Submissions) please read carefully and submit.
    We also hold a monthly art competition you may be interested in. The winner of the competition receives one year of representation with AQ Gallery.

    Founder/Senior Curator
    Stacia Gates

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