3 comments on “Condo cat Dec 2016

  1. Beautiful cat, and glad he’s being taken care of. šŸ™‚

    Don’t know what the weather is like where Condo Cat is, but if it ever gets cold, he’d feel much better being allowed inside in the warmth somewhere.

    My oldest cat has arthritis, and it takes years off him when he sleeps next to the radiator. So much so he’ll be rushing through the cat tunnel playing with the other cats after a few hours of soaking up the heat.

    Otherwise some reccomend fish oil (omega3). There’s also Metacam. I do not advocate the use of oral Metacam. However, if the pain is intense, it is something that might be considered. My old tomcat is nowhere near the stage where I would consider it, but the day might come where I will consider it. Although I look at oral Metacam as a VERY dangerous medication for cats, I know many cat owners have found that their cats have had wonderful results with it.

    • He doesn’t get that cold that often, but it was down around 21 degrees a couple of time so far. The woman who looks after him most has a sheltered area for him and a soft, warm bed for him – assuming he choses to stay there.

      He also has a couple other folks he gets food from and he even gimps up stairs to the top floor now and then. He’s pretty stiff and sore these days.

      I’ll mention this to the primary caregiver (who would adore making him an indoor cat if she could, but she’s got cats who won’t adapt).

      In Texas it is more often hotter than a Hades Steam Bath than cold.

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